How To Sell PokerStars Chips

July 1st, 2011 Poker Chips

As the world’s largest online card room, PokerStars offers ample opportunity for optimizing game earnings. Seasoned players know that betting isn’t the only way to make money in online poker–they also buy and sell PokerStars chips for real money. And despite the controversy in the poker world over the last few weeks, trading chips doesn’t involve any cheat software and won’t get you penalized.

How does it work? Selling PokerStars chips is relatively simple because of the site’s large customer base, which includes both registered and unregistered users. Registering is highly recommended, however, as members’ confidential information (including location and account details) is protected under the site agreement.

Chips are usually sold in large batches, with prices ranging from around $7 to $17 per million. You may come across buyers who will try to buy at a discount, or some who offer genuinely good deals. There’s a bit of luck involved (the best offers can get sold in a matter of minutes), but if you’re patient enough to look around you’re sure to find a match.

As often happens in online communities, you can arrange a deal privately with someone you know personally, or have played with enough times to build trust. If you don’t know anyone on the site (or even if you do, just to be safe), start with small exchanges so you don’t risk losing all your chips to a scammer.

You can buy and sell your chips in any of a hundred sites, including PokerStars itself–a quick search will show you just how many options there are. But like anything else on the Internet, it’s never smart to spring for the first name that comes along. Look the site up, read reviews, and go over the rules to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Security is an important issue, and with all that real money getting traded on a daily basis, poker sites are a scammer’s favourite haunt. A security guarantee or logo on the page will tell you that it’s safe to trade.

A bit of research goes a long way. A site that requires registration is already several times more secure than one that’s free for all, as the administrators have a way of tracking down users. A reliable support platform is also a good sign. You can also look the site up on Alexa, which keeps a record and history of online businesses. The higher it ranks, the safer your money is.

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