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September 18th, 2009 Poker

Playing poker games might be fun but can be tricky at times. If you’re an inexperienced player, a beginner so to say, you will need all the help you can get in order to get by playing the game that most people have come to love.  It’s always best to watch pro players and poker games.  For example –  learn from the pro poker players and follow the poker tournament schedule to give you a feel for the game and the best strategies you can use.

There are quite a variety of poker games which anyone with enough interest and willingness can opt to learn. Among such variations, the more popular ones include Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, and the Omaha.  The most popular of the three poker games is the Texas Hold’em Poker which is the game usually broadcasted on television, as well as commonly played online. In this game, there are two hidden cards, called the hole cards, and five exposed cards, called community cards. This game is played among two to ten players in a single table, with the goal of winning as much chips as one can, one pot at a time.

In order to win a pot, a player needs to have the best hand among all others. An example may be having a royal flush, which is the highest of all hand rankings. Aside from that, the pot can also be claimed when all the other players fold prior to the showdown.

There are three phases in Texas Hold’em poker: the set-up, the betting rounds, and the showdown. The set-up mostly involves selection of the dealer and the putting out of the blinds. When this is done, the deal can start, with two cards for each player. The end of a hand is proclaimed when all but one player folds or if they reach the fourth betting round. After which, the showdown ensues, with each player exposing their hands one by one. The winner is determined after evaluation of the hands.

Next to Texas Hold’em, Omaha is the second most played game of the poker games variations. The appeal of it might owe to the fact that it has similar rules as the Texas Hold’em poker, and that it offers more action, adding more thrill and excitement to the game. The difference between the two poker games, Omaha and Hold’em respectively, is that there are four, instead of two cards dealt with for each player. Moreover, evaluation of the winning hand during the showdown is determined by more rules.

Different from the two previous community-card games is the Seven-card Stud game. Of the poker games mentioned, Seven-card Stud is referred as the traditional or the “pure” kind of poker. Its degree of difficulty is much higher than the other poker games and the game itself entails more concentration and card-playing expertise. Unlike Hold’em or Omaha, Seven-card Stud utilizes antes instead of blinds. Antes, which is a forced bet, is made by each player before the deal is began. A different manner of hand evaluation is also done for this kind of poker game.

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