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June 24th, 2011 Poker Tables

If you’re an avid poker player, you’ve probably entertained the idea of having your own professional poker table, the kind you see in casinos and tournaments. But most of us have neither the room nor the budget for it. Besides, with prices easily going over the $1,000 mark, it’s a bit much to pay for a hobby.

That’s where folding card tables come in. Smaller, lighter, and much more affordable, they’re ideal for casual to semi-serious players who just want to have a place to themselves when friends come over to play, and the option to stash it away when needed. If you have weekly games with a group of friends, you can even bring the table along. That can’t be said about those thousand-dollar tables!

Construction is the main difference between traditional and folding card tables. The whole point of a folding unit is portability, so you’ll want to check for lightweight wood and storage options. A good table will fit under your bed or behind a cabinet when folded. Of course, there’s a trade-off in durability–pro tables can last well over a decade if properly cared for, while folding ones can be made of lighter wood or even plastic. And while pro tables can have room for drinks, poker chips, and other add-ons, you can’t expect as much from a folding one.

When choosing a folding poker table, consider the size of the games you usually play. You want something slightly larger than your average game size, so you’ll have some wiggle room without sacrificing storability. Large tables should have a support bar so they don’t dip and cause cards and chips to pool in the center. If you’re planning on bringing drinks and snacks along, go for a plastic or metal table–it’s easier to clean and doesn’t stain as easily as wood.

Finally, decide on the look you want. Style is a more important factor than you think when it comes to poker tables. For one thing, although square or rectangular tables take up less space, round ones are more advisable because all the players can face each other at once. Many are designed after the traditional green velvet style, which may or may not fit in with your d├ęcor. If that’s an issue, go for a more neutral wood table. It’ll look better in a living room or dining room, and if you keep it assembled, it can double as a breakfast nook or coffee table.

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