Blackjack Strategy Card – What is It?

November 17th, 2009 Blackjack Systems

A blackjack strategy card is a simple tool that allows you to play with the lowest casino advantage for the game. Thousands of games of blackjack were run through a computer and it was ascertained that when faced with a specific dealer up card, if you have specific hold cards, there’s one play that is better than the rest to increase your odds of winning. These cards show all your possible combinations down the side of a grid with the dealer’s possible up card at the top. You simply find your card at the side and the dealer’s card at the top and bring the two together as if you would when finding a location on the map.

Some of the strategy varies depending on the number of decks that you play and table rules. An example of this is when the dealer takes a hit on a soft seventeen (This involves an ace that counts as 11) as opposed to staying. If you have a hard seventeen (no 11 point ace) you should surrender when the dealer has to hit but stay when they don’t hit a soft 17. If you play multiple decks as opposed to single deck blackjack, a tough game to find, you split sixes against a dealer deuce but single deck you only do it if you can double.

Strategy cards take the stress out of the game and keeps you playing consistently. These cards make your play as perfect as possible to potentially increase your winnings. The strategy doesn’t always win, but over the long haul, they give you the best percentage.

Another thing a strategy card does, particularly for the new player, is keep the others at the table from getting angry with you. Even if you split tens and it causes the dealer to bust, you’ll hear them grumble. There is an old saying that if you want a chair for your friend at your blackjack table, just split tens and someone will immediately leave.

Every good card player, whether it’s blackjack, poker or other game, knows that when you know the play that has the best probability for winning, you have a much better chance of coming out ahead in the game.

Unlike card counting, a skill that casinos don’t like, the strategy card isn’t a problem at the blackjack table. While most decisions are easy, always pretend that the dealer has a 10 buried and then see who has the biggest chance of busting, and don’t hit on a hard 17 or higher hard combination, there are spots that the strategy card really helps. Should you split those deuces if the dealer shows a 7?

Find a low denomination table to test the strategy card. You’ll probably see other players using one also. See if you don’t find that playing is simpler and winning comes more often when you have a handy helper with you. You can find strategy cards that you can print out at several sites devoted to gaming.

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