Blackjack – Is it Skill Or Luck to Win?

November 14th, 2009 Blackjack Systems

I know many people don’t consider playing blackjack when going to the casino. I also know many do. But what I do know is how many people out there are amazed to learn what I know when it comes to winning blackjack, and this includes the ones that do like to play blackjack. So my question is, do you think blackjack is a game of luck or skill? This is a personal question only you can answer your self and what ever the answer is, you are on the edge of becoming better at blackjack. I am going to leave you with a thought and I am really targeting readers who may think blackjack is a suckers game. If you went to the casino and played $100 in the slot machine VS $100 on 1 game of blackjack, you are more likely to be up playing blackjack!

Let’s say you go to the casino once a month and play $100 at the slots. If you played $100 on one game of blackjack instead, you are more likely at the end of one year to have a few hundred to even over $500 left of your budget. When comparing this basic idea as a start to slots, it will be very likely you will have spent $1200 on slots, and any winning you may have earned will be so small, that it is more worth while to keep playing, than claim the small win. So lets just rap that little thought up in one phrase: Blackjack is a game where your odds are in your favor over slot machines.

Ia m going to conclude this thought. If everyone in the world did this, most likely 99% of the players in the world would have somewhere between $300 – $500 left at the end of the year and quite possibly more, where as in slots, very few lucky winners may reclaim a few hundred dollars or win something big enough to brag about. Blackjack is a game where you can control the odds and win consistently! Here is another thought, if you played blackjack with $20 one game and for every time you won, you put $20 into savings, you would have a good time out, put $20 in savings and still have $20 in your pocket to enjoy doing something else! For more strategies visit my website

By: Cameron Edwards

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